What we’ve learned through hands-on experience: In order to successfully and sustainably reduce violence, we have to change how cities work

Prior to founding CPSC in 2012, many of us had already worked on local justice reform and violence reduction efforts in a range of American cities. We came from a variety of backgrounds, but we shared a commitment to reducing violence and improving public safety while also seeking justice. 

Through this diverse experience in cities across the U.S. and California, we came to understand that individual programs or policies simply aren’t powerful enough to address the gun violence crisis that plagues so many of our cities.

Instead, cities need an in-depth, experienced partner who is both an expert and an ally; someone to come alongside them and help them engineer the political alignment and organizational changes across policing, intervention and city governance needed to address a problem as complex as gun violence. 

We created CPSC with that mission in mind: to help cities achieve near-term and community-wide reductions in violence; while improving police-community trust and changing the odds for community members at imminent risk of violence.  


Vaughn Crandall

Executive Director

Reygan E. Cunningham


Marina Gonzalez Magaña

Program Management Associate

Deitra Rougeau

Program Coordinator

Ersie M. Joyner III

Senior Consultant: Principled Policing

David Muhammad

Senior Consultant: Community Intervention and Policy

Dr. Lisa Barao

Senior Consultant: Evaluation, Performance Management and Policy Analysis

Stewart Wakeling

Senior Consultant


Anthony Braga

Director of The Center on Crime and Community Resilience at the University of Pennsylvania.


Rodrigo Canales

Professor, Boston University and Director, Building Trusted, Effective and Resilient Police Organizations in Mexico.


David Muhammad

Executive Director of The National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform.


The Community Violence Initiative Team at the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. 



Christine Cole

Executive Director – Crime & Justice Institute

Ali Knight

President & CEO – Fly Program

Bob Bailey

Board Member Emeritus
Director of HR & Administration - Haas, Jr. Fund

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