Cities are not designed to address
gun violence effectively

We help cities effectively reduce violence in the near-term.

We’re one of the most experienced teams in the country at making cities fundamentally safer. Our leadership team has over 50 years of combined experience in designing and implementing effective violence reduction strategies. The cities we’ve worked with have seen these types of results:
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Over 50% reduction in homicides and non-fatal shootings citywide.
0 years
The longest sustained reduction in homicides in 50 years.
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Reduction in gang-involved shootings by 43%.


Here’s how partnering with us will make your city safer

You’ll see a reduction in serious violence, primarily non-fatal shootings and homicides.

You’ll build a higher level of trust between police and your community, especially between people who need protection the most but trust law enforcement the least.

You’ll achieve better outcomes for young people at the highest risk of violence, primarily young men of color directly impacted by the criminal justice system and gun violence.

About Us

We partner with stakeholders to create systematic changes inside cities. From policing, to community violence intervention, to how mayors and city executives manage their agencies and work with community stakeholders – no community is the same after our partnership.

Who we work with:

  • Community leaders
  • Elected officials
  • People affected by violence
  • Researchers
  • Police
  • Community members

Helping cities sustainably reduce gun violence

We offer solutions to dozens of challenges cities face when it comes to addressing gun violence.
Here are just a few examples.


Cities often do not understand their violence problems, so they pursue policies that don’t work or can make matters worse.


We employ a systematic and in-depth analysis of violence in cities.


Gun violence is too big of a challenge for any one stakeholder to address


We build partnership-based management practices that enable community and government agencies to mobilize immediate interventions.


Traditional social services don’t reduce near-term risks of harm for those caught in cycles of retaliation.


We develop pathways to safety for people at the greatest risk of violence using “credible messengers.”

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