These publications point to the latest research showing how partnership-based strategies can effectively reduce violence community-wide, improve outcomes for young men at highest risk of violence and strengthen community-police relations. News and updates are also shared below.

Notes from the Field

The Sacramento Safe Community-Partnership: An Initial Progress Report

Stewart Wakeling, Daniela Gilbert, Tim Dunham, Brian Heller de Leon
Updated July 2017

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Partnership-Focused Management: Maintaining A Sustained, Intensive Focus on Reducing Violence

Stewart Wakeling and Vaughn Crandall
April 2017

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Outreach and Support: An Evidence-Based Approach to Services that Reduces Violence in the Near Term

Vaughn Crandall
September 2016

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Oakland Ceasefire Update Brief

Stewart Wakeling, Daniela Gilbert, Vaughn Crandall
April 2016

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Strengthening Community-Police Relationships: Training As a Tool for Change

Daniela Gilbert, Stewart Wakeling, Vaughn Crandall
January 2016

Summary: Describes the design of an innovative training initiative that promises to strengthen police-community relations

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Research & Evaluation

Process evaluation for the Office of Neighborhood Safety

Wolf, A . M ., Del Prado Lippman, A ., Glesmann, C ., & Castro, E. “Process evaluation for the Office of Neighborhood Safety.” Oakland, CA: National Council on Crime and Delinquency (2015).

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Social Networks and The Risk of Gunshot Injury

Papachristos, Andrew V., Anthony A. Braga, David M. Hureau. “Social Networks and The Risk of Gunshot Injury.” Journal of Urban Health (2012).

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Legitimacy in Policing: A Systematic Review

Mazerolle L, Bennett S, Davis J, Sargeant E, Manning M. “Legitimacy in Policing: A Systematic Review.” Campbell Systematic Reviews (2013:1).

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Ethnic Perceptions of Legal Authority: A Summary of Tyler, Tom R. and Huo, Yuen J. How Different Ethnic Groups React To Legal Authority.

“Ethnic Perceptions of Legal Authority: A Summary of Tyler, Tom R. and Huo, Yuen J. How Different Ethnic Groups React To Legal Authority.” Research Brief, Public Policy Institute of California (2000:37).

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The effects of ‘pulling levers’ focused deterrence strategies on crime.

Braga, A., Weisburd, D. “The effects of ‘pulling levers’ focused deterrence strategies on crime.” Campbell Systematic Reviews (2012:6).

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Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Kicks Off First-of-its-Kind Law Enforcement Training on Implicit Bias & Procedural Justice

State of California, Department of Justice, Office of Attorney General
November 17, 2015

The first Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (“POST”) launches. The certified law enforcement training on procedural justice and implicit bias resulted from a collaborative partnership between the California Department of Justice, the Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training, the Stockton and Oakland Police Departments, Stanford University and the California Partnership for Safe Communities. READ MORE >>>


Letter responding to increase in shootings and homicides in Richmond, California

Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus
January 3, 2016

Outgoing Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus responds to an increase in shootings and homicides with a description of the factors driving violence and the challenges of maintaining multifaceted approaches to reducing violence. READ MORE >>>


Steps Toward Peace: Building Trust Between the Community and Police Department in Oakland

Brenda Payton, Oakland Tribune
December 22, 2014

Oakland community leaders and the Oakland Police Department have started a process to rebuild trust and develop a strong relationship.  READ MORE>>>


Operation Ceasefire is Paying Dividends

Michael Fitzgerald, Stockton Record
January 31, 2014

A one-year update on Operation Ceasefire.  


Beleaguered Oakland Police See a Turnaround

Lee Romney, Los Angeles Times
January 26, 2014

Year-end data show homicides were down by nearly 30 percent — as low as they’ve been since 2002. Shootings and burglaries also declined. READ MORE>>>


Oakland Sees Crime Rate Drop in 2013

Jean Quan and Sean Whent, San Francisco Chronicle
January 2, 2014

Throughout 2013, Oakland’s strategies to create jobs and reduce violence built momentum, and we saw our second-largest year-to-year drop in homicides in 40 years. Homicides came down 28 percent, and home burglaries dropped 18 percent. READ MORE>>>


Richmond Antiviolence Outreach Pays Off

Demian Bulwa, San Francisco Chronicle
April 13, 2013

Behind the scenes, a different approach to crime-fighting unfolded — one that many believe has contributed to a longer-term drop in firearm violence in the city. READ MORE>>>