• “This work has the potential to dramatically change police and community relationships for the better.”

    Oakland, Calif.
  • “As an organization, we didn’t have the internal skills to implement the gun violence prevention strategy. California Partnership for Safe Communities has the academic research and knowledge to really do it right, so we turned to them for their expertise.”

    Stockton, Calif.

California Partnership for Safe Communities works with cities to achieve near-term and community-wide reductions in violence. Our work rests on an evolving version of Boston’s Ceasefire strategy, which galvanizes an alliance of community leaders to respectfully and compassionately communicate a powerful anti-violence message to young people at high risk of violence. This evidence-based intervention leads to significant, timely reductions in street violence while reducing cities’ reliance on enforcement strategies that contribute to over-incarceration and weaken community-police relations.


Our vision also relies on building partnerships that bridge divisions between criminal justice agencies and communities. To that end, we work with a broad cross-section of stakeholders concerned with violence, including criminal justice agencies, public officials, faith leaders, community organizers, youth advocates, service providers, victims of violence, neighborhood residents and formerly-incarcerated community leaders.


Using a set of well-tested, practical tools and processes, we support these stakeholders as they build working relationships and strategic commitments. These are what enable cities to sustain reductions in violence, give community members a central role in improving public safety, reduce historical tensions between criminal justice agencies and communities of color and build more credible pathways to opportunity for young people at highest risk of violence.