• “The level of specificity they provide helps everyone understand that this work is dynamic and fluid.”

    Stockton, Calif.
  • “This is a really challenging environment, and I appreciate their work because they help implement strategies in a complicated landscape. We could have not gotten the reduction in violence without them.”

    Oakland, Calif.

Our staff works as a team, combining professional expertise with a focus on facilitation and helping diverse partners “do their best work together.”

Committed to Partnership. We build values-based, data-driven partnerships among criminal justice agencies, public officials, faith leaders, community organizers, youth advocates, service providers, victims of violence, neighborhood residents and formerly incarcerated community members.

Reducing Violence. We partner closely with these groups as they implement evidence-based strategies to reduce violent crime in the near-term and community-wide. Our approach galvanizes an alliance of community leaders to respectfully and compassionately communicate a powerful anti-violence message to young people at high risk of violence.

Reducing Recidivism, Maximizing Opportunity. We are redesigning conventional outreach and social services, which generally aren’t designed for people at the highest risk of violence. We draw on elements of street outreach and intensive case-management to build credible pathways to safety and opportunity.

Building Trust. Research confirms that any one group cannot achieve significant and sustained reductions in violence on its own, without support from other local stakeholders. We build relationships among stakeholders that thrive on trust, transparency and accountability.